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LoTemp Doors is the latest addition to the Cold Storage Door industry. It is supported by a team with 25 years of Cold Storage experience in doors, at all levels of manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer support. Backed by professionals with 48 years in related industries guarantees the success of the LoTemp brand.

The LoTemp doors are a culmination of the best features available in a cold storage door. Experience and dedication to quality have contributed to the innovative design of the LoTemp Door line.

All LoTemp doors are custom built to customer specifications and offer a variety of options to provide complete customer satisfaction.

At LoTemp Doors we look forward to working with you and welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our quality, competitively priced line of cold storage doors.

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We offer a comprehensive range of options, allowing you to incorporate features tailored to your specific cold storage requirements. Email us at sales@lotempdoors.com


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